Publication of 2L Notes

The Georgia Law Review Executive Board is delighted to announce the following Notes have been selected for publication in the final two issues of Volume 47 and the first two issues of Volume 48:

Sarah Dolisca Bellacicco, Safe Haven No Longer: The Role of Georgia Courts and Private Probation Companies in Sustaining a De Facto Debtors’ Prison System

Adam Jeffrey Fitzsimmons, Got Protection: Why the Eleventh Circuit’s Approach to Sanctions for Protection Order Violations Fails Litigants

Lindsay Sain Jones, The Problem with the Bureau of Land Management’s Delegation of Wildlife Management in Wilderness

Jerrod Michael Lukacs, Much Ado About Nothing: How the Securities SRO State Actor Circuit Split Has Been Misinterpreted and What It Means for Due Process at FINRA

Keri Elizabeth McCrary, Taking a Toll on the Equities: Governing the Effect of the PLRA’s Exhaustion Requirement on State Statutes of Limitations

Sumner Riddick Pugh, IV, The Great Bankrupt Divide: Amending the Rights of Trademark Licensees Under the Code

Jordan Christopher Seal, Constructive Upheaval: Ry. Labor Execs.’ Ass’n v. Gibbons and the Future of Statutory Construction

Koleen Stasia Sullivan, Enforceability of Choice-of-Law Clauses in the Context of Misclassification Litigation: Bridging the Gap Between Worker and Employer

Blake George Tanase, Give Ghosts a Chance: Why Federal Courts Should Cease Sanctioning Every Legal Ghostwriter

Dennis Oscar Vann, Stemming the Federal Tort Foundation: Why Federal Courts Should Maintain Implied Certification Limitations on Qui Tam Suits Against Non-Claimant Defendants

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