Publication of 2L Notes

The Georgia Law Review is pleased to announce the following Notes selected for publication in the final two issues of Volume 49 and the first two issues of Volume 50:

David Tyler Adams, Laissez Fair: The Case for Alternative Litigation Funding and Assignment of Lawsuit Proceeds in Georgia

Elizabeth D. Barwick, New Uniform Law Grants Fiduciaries Broad Access to Digital Assets, Removing Privacy Protections for Digital Assets When the Volume and Nature of Digital Assets Require New and Different Considerations

Payton McCurry Bradford, (Don’t) Give It Up or Turnit a Loose: State Law Copyright Protection of Pre-1972 Sound Recordings in Blank-Slate Jurisdictions Like Georgia

Leah M. Davis, Without a Pilot: Navigating the Space Between the First Amendment and State and Federal Directives Affecting Drone Journalism

Michael A. DelGaudio, From Ripe to Rotten: An Examination of the Continued Utility of the Ripeness Doctrine in Light of the Modern Standing Doctrine

Fisher K. Law, Proper Pleading on Premature Proof? Rule 9(b)’s Particularity Requirement and the False Claims Act

Kathleen Mary Elaine Mayer, Schools are Employers Too: Rethinking the Institutional Liability Standard in Title IX Teacher-On-Student Sexual Harassment Suits

Michael Koty Newman, The Elephant Not in the Room: Apportionment to Nonparties in Georgia

Erin Michelle Peterson, Dangers in Justifying a Means for an End: U.S. Supreme Court Faced With Risky Interpretation Question in Resolving Issue with PPACA, Exchanges, and Premium Tax Credits

Gregory R. Steele, You’ve Got Legal Mail: Applying Constitutional Protections to Attorney-Inmate E-Mail Communications

Jacob M. Ware, Intentional Pass: Analyzing Baseball’s Antitrust Exemption as Applied to Broadcasting Agreements inLaumann v. National Hockey League

Jonathan A. Weeks, The Motor City Needs Oil (On Canvas): The Future Impact on the Confirmation Plan that Included Detroit’s “Grand Bargain” and Why it was Proper


Evelyn French

Emily Cook
Executive Notes Editor

Crighton Allen
Senior Notes Editor

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