Publication of 2L Notes

The Georgia Law Review is pleased to announce the following Notes selected for publication in the final two issues of Volume 48 and the first two issues of Volume 49:

Crighton Thomas Allen, Where Do We Go Now?: The Uncertain Future for 29 U.S.C. § 1301(b)(1), Private Equity Funds, and Multiemployer Pension Plans After Sun Capital Partners III, L.P. v. New Eng. Teamsters & Trucking Indus. Pension Fund

Emily Carlton Cook, How the Meaning of Incorporation Over Time Lends Support for Corporate Free Exercise Rights

Lee Andrew Deneen, Defeating a Wolf Posing as a Wolf: Formalism and Functionalism in Separation-of-Powers Suits Against the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Evelyn Ann French, When Silence Ought to be Golden: Why the Supreme Court Should Uphold the Selective Silence Doctrine in the Wake of Salinas v. Texas

Michael Franklin Green, Jr., Rescission Under the Truth in Lending Act: Borrowers Should be Required to File Suit Within Three Years

Amanda Mariam McDowell, The Impact of Clapper v. Amnesty International USA on the Doctrine of Fear-Based Standing

Justin Willis McKithen, Playing Favorites: The Denial of Equal Sovereignty to the States in the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act

Veronica Margaret O’Grady, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: The Constitutionality of Georgia’s Burden of Proof in Executing the Mentally Retarded

Davis Shirley Popper, The Plaintiffs Keep Getting Richer, the Manufacturers Just Stay Poor: Design Defect Litigation in Georgia Post-Banks

Lindsey Beth Sciavicco, If You Can’t Trust Your Lawyer, Who Can You Trust?: Why Conflicts of Interest and Client Loyalty Require an Exception to the Intra-Firm Attorney-Client Privilege for Current Clients

Michael Charles Sullivan, River of Doubt: Navigating the Uncertain Waters of Structured Settlements, Factoring Companies, and the Bankruptcy Code in Georgia

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