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Untapped Potential: How Georgia’s Beer Distribution Laws Stifle the Craft Beer Industry

Beer consumption in the United States is a $100 billion annual industry and is composed of five different kinds of drinks: domestic beer, imported beer, craft beer, hard ciders, and flavored malt beverages. Brewing goliaths Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller dominate the American beer industry, comprising over 75% of the market. While the domestic-beer category comprises the largest segment of the beer market, most of the top domestic brands have experienced a reduction in sales in recent years. Some of the reduction in sales has been attributed to consumers’ desire for more flavorful beer. Consequently, many consumers are turning to craft beer.

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Best Note Competition

Lindsay Sain Jones, Jordan Christopher Seal, and Dennis Oscar Vann participated in the the third annual Best Note Competition.  The three defended their Notes before a panel of Georgia Law Professors, including Professors Tim Meyer, Kent Barnett, and Hillel Levin, with Professor Christian Turner serving as the moderator.  After careful deliberation, the four concluded that Ms. Jones’s Note, The Problem with […]

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Publication of 2L Notes

The Georgia Law Review Executive Board is delighted to announce the following Notes have been selected for publication in the final two issues of Volume 47 and the first two issues of Volume 48: Sarah Dolisca Bellacicco, Safe Haven No Longer: The Role of Georgia Courts and Private Probation Companies in Sustaining a De Facto […]

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