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What Did the Supreme Court Hold in Heffernan v. City of Paterson?

Reasoned opinions count as much or more than outcomes, partly because “reasoned response to reasoned argument is an essential aspect of [the judicial] process,” and partly because “the opinion has as one if not its major office to show how like cases are properly to be decided in the future.” Scrutiny of the Supreme Court’s reasons is called for not only when the result seems doubtful, but also when the result is intuitively appealing. Weak reasons may in the long run undermine a holding that deserves a better foundation than the Court has built for it, or at least distort and delay the elaboration of doctrine. When the intuition behind the holding deserves broader application than the Court’s reasons can support, an effort to identify more convincing reasons is an especially worthwhile project.

Heffernan v. City of Paterson, illustrates the good result/weak reasons problem.

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GLR Alumnus to Clerk for Supreme Court

Andrew Pinson, Class of 2011 and the Executive Articles Editor for Volume 45, has been selected to clerk for Justice Clarence Thomas. Mr. Pinson’s selection makes him the sixth UGA Law graduate in nine years to clerk for the Supreme Court. Click here for the UGA Law announcement.

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