Volume 45

Volume 45 • Issue 1 • Fall 2010


Robert J. Pushaw, Limiting Article III Standing to “Accidental” Plaintiffs: Lessons from Environmental and Animal Law Cases, 45 GA. L. REV. 1 (2010)

Geoffrey Christopher Rapp, Defense Against Outrage and the Perils of Parasitic Torts, 45 GA. L. REV. 107 (2010)

Luke M. Milligan, Congressional End-Run: The Ignored Constraint on Judicial Review, 45 GA. L. REV. 211 (2010)


Jason R. Graves, State of Emergency: Why Georgia’s Standard of Care in Emergency Rooms is Harmful to Your Health, 45 GA. L. REV. 275 (2010)

William T. Stone, Jr., Waiving Good-bye to Inconsistency: Factual Basis Challenges to Guilty Pleas in Federal Courts, 45 GA. L. REV. 311 (2010)


Volume 45 • Issue 2 • Winter 2011


John F. Coyle, Rethinking the Commercial Law Treaty, 45 GA. L. REV. 343 (2011)

Dr. Ronen Perry, Economic Loss, Punitive Damages, and the Exxon Valdez Litigation, 45 GA. L. REV. 409 (2011)

Amy Deen Westbrook, Enthusiastic Enforcement, Informal Legislation: The Unruly Expansion of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, 45 GA. L. REV. 489 (2011)


Ashley Aunita Prebula Frazier, ERISA Subrogation and the Controversy over Sereboff: Silencing the Critics, the Divided Bench Is a Legitimate Standard, 45 GA. L. REV. 579 (2011)

Teresa Maria Garmon, The Panic Defense and Model Rules Common Sense: A Practical Solution for a Twenty-first Century Ethical Dilemma, 45 GA. L. REV. 621 (2011)


Volume 45 • Issue 3 • Spring 2011


William N. Eskridge Jr., Noah’s Curse: How Religion Often Conflates Status, Belief, and Conduct to Resist Antidiscrimination Norms, 45 GA. L. REV. 657 (2011)

Anthony O’Rourke, The Political Economy of Criminal Procedure Litigation, 45 GA. L. REV. 721 (2011)

Manuel A. Utset, Complex Financial Institutions and Systemic Risk, 45 GA. L. REV. 779 (2011)


Amanda Seals Bersinger, Grossly Disproportional to Whose Offense? Why the (Mis)application of Constitutional Jurisprudence on Proceeds Forfeiture Matters, 45 GA. L. REV. 841 (2011)

Mark Adam Silver, Vesting Title in a Murderer: Where Is the Equity in the Georgia Supreme Court’s Interpretation of the Slayer Statute in Levenson?, 45 GA. L. REV. 877 (2011)

Frederick Watson Vaughan, Foreign States are Foreign States: Why Foreign State-Owned Corporations Are Not Persons Under the Due Process Clause, 45 GA. L. REV. 913 (2011)


Volume 45 • Issue 4 • Summer 2011


Miriam A. Cherry,  A Taxonomy of Virtual Work, 45 GA. L. REV. 951 (2011)

Donald E. Wilkes, Jr., From Oglethorpe to the Overthrow of the Confederacy: Habeas Corpus in Georgia, 1733-1865, 45 GA. L. REV. 1015 (2011)


A. Christopher Bryant, What McDonald Means for Unenumerated Rights, 45 GA. L. REV. 1073 (2011)


Jennifer Lee Case, EXTRA! Read All About It: Why Notice by Newspaper Publication Fails to Meet Mullane’s Desire-to-Inform Standard and How Modern Technology Provides a Viable Alternative, 45 GA. L. REV. 1095 (2011)

Isabella Ruth Edmundson, Imprisoned by Liability: Why Bivens Suits Should Not Be Available Against Employees of Privately Run Federal Prisons, 45 GA. L. REV. 1127 (2011)

Robert William Jacques, Amy and Vicky’s Cause: Perils of the Federal Restitution Framework for Child Pornography Victims, 45 GA. L. REV. 1167 (2011)

Ryan C. Tuck,  Ineffective-Assistance-of-Counsel Blues: Navigating the Muddy Waters of Georgia Law After 2010 State Supreme Court Decisions, 45 GA. L. REV. 1199 (2011)