Volume 46, Issue 3

Volume 46 • Issue 3 • Spring 2012

Remembrance, Thomas A. Eaton | Download PDF

Symposium: Civil Rights of Civil Wants

46 GA. L. REV. 519 (2012) | Download PDF


(Re)considering Race in the Desegregation of Higher Education
Maurice C. Daniels & Cameron Van Patterson
46 GA. L. REV. 521 (2012) | Download PDF

Education’s Elusive Future, Storied Past, and the Fundamental Inequities Between
Derek W. Black
46 GA. L. REV. 557 (2012) | Download PDF


Immigration and Civil Rights: State and Local Efforts to Regulate Immigration
Keven R. Johnson
46 GA. L. REV. 609 (2012) | Download PDF

The Gangs of Asylum
Linda Kelly Hill
46 GA. L. REV. 639 (2012) | Download PDF

Information Privacy

Chain-Link Confidentiality
Woodrow Hartzog
46 GA. L. REV. 657 (2012) | Download PDF

GINA, Privacy, and Antisubordination
Bradley A. Areheart
46 GA. L. REV. 705 (2012) | Download PDF


The Consequences of a “War” Paradigm for Counterterrorism: What Impact on Basic Rights and Values?
Laurie R. Blank
46 GA. L. REV. 719 (2012) | Download PDF

Human Rights and Counterterrorism: A Contradiction or Necessary Bedfellows?
Amos N. Guiora
46 GA. L. REV. 743 (2012) | Download PDF


Darkness on the Edge of Town: How Entitlements Theory Can Shine A Light on Termination of Transfers in Sound Recordings
Matthew Vincent H. Noller
46 GA. L. REV. 763 (2012) | Download PDF

A Judicial Solution to the Forum-Selection Clause Enforcement Circuit Split: Giving Erie A Second Chance
Kelly Amanda Blair
46 GA. L. REV. 799 (2012) | Download PDF

Skimming From the 2%: The Status of Georgia’s Restrictions on Shareholder Access to Corporate Information
Ruari James O’Sullivan
46 GA. L. REV. 835 (2012) | Download PDF