Volume 46

Volume 46 • Issue 1 • Fall 2011

Dedication and Remembrance, Hillary Claire Miller Download PDF


A. Benjamin Spencer, The Judicial Power and the Inferior Federal Courts: Exploring the Constitutional Vesting Thesis, 46 GA. L. REV. 1 (2011) Download PDF

William W. Berry III, Promulgating Proportionality, 46 GA. L. REV. 69 (2011) Download PDF

Evan J. Criddle, When Delegation Begets Domination: Due Process of Administrative Lawmaking, 46 GA. L. REV. 117 (2011) Download PDF


Michael McDonnell Hill, Seen But Not Heard: An Argument for Granting Evidentiary Hearings to Weigh the Credibility of Recanted Testimony, 46 GA. L. REV. 213 (2011) Download PDF

Danielle Nicole Paschal, Market Realities Do Not Embody Necessary Economic Theory: Why Defendants Deserve a Safe Harbor under Section 2 of the Sherman Act for Exclusive Dealing, 46 GA. L. REV. 249 (2011) Download PDF


Volume 46 • Issue 2 • Winter 2012

Remembrance, Rebecca H. White Download PDF


Alan R. Palmiter & Ahmed E. Taha, Mutual Fund Performance Advertising: Inherently and Materially Misleading?, 46 GA. L. REV. 289 (2012) Download PDF

Michael E. Solimine, State Amici, Collective Action, and the Development of Federalism Doctrine, 46 GA. L. REV. 355 (2012) Download PDF

Michael J. Higdon, Fatherhood by Conscription: Nonconsensual Insemination and the Duty of Child Support, 46 GA. L. REV. 407 (2012) Download PDF


Damian Michael Brychcy, American Electric Power v. Connecticut: Disaster Averted by Displacing the Federal Common Law of Nuisance, 46 GA. L. REV. 459 (2012) Download PDF

Shawna Marie Portner, Endorsement Clauses in a Post-White Legal System: Why These Restrictions Do Not Violate a Judicial Candidate’s First Amendment Right to Free Speech, 46 GA. L. REV. 495 (2012) Download PDF


Volume 46 • Issue 3 • Spring 2012

Remembrance, Thomas A. Eaton Download PDF

Symposium: Civil Rights of Civil Wants

Introduction, 46 GA. L. REV. 519 (2012) Download PDF


Maurice C. Daniels & Cameron Van Patterson, (Re)considering Race in the Desegregation of Higher Education, 46 GA. L. REV. 521 (2012) Download PDF

Derek W. Black, Education’s Elusive Future, Storied Past, and the Fundamental Inequities Between, 46 GA. L. REV. 557 (2012) Download PDF


Keven R. Johnson, Immigration and Civil Rights: State and Local Efforts to Regulate Immigration, 46 GA. L. REV. 609 (2012) Download PDF

Linda Kelly Hill, The Gangs of Asylum, 46 GA. L. REV. 639 (2012) Download PDF

Information Privacy

Woodrow Hartzog, Chain-Link Confidentiality, 46 GA. L. REV. 657 (2012) Download PDF

Bradley A. Areheart, GINA, Privacy, and Antisubordination, 46 GA. L. REV. 705 (2012) Download PDF


Laurie R. Blank, The Consequences of a “War” Paradigm for Counterterrorism: What Impact on Basic Rights and Values?, 46 GA. L. REV. 719 (2012) Download PDF

Amos N. Guiora, Human Rights and Counterterrorism: A Contradiction or Necessary Bedfellows?, 46 GA. L. REV. 743 (2012) Download PDF


Matthew Vincent H. Noller, Darkness on the Edge of Town: How Entitlements Theory Can Shine A Light on Termination of Transfers in Sound Recordings, 46 GA. L. REV. 763 (2012) Download PDF

Kelly Amanda Blair, A Judicial Solution to the Forum-Selection Clause Enforcement Circuit Split: Giving Erie A Second Chance, 46 GA. L. REV. 799 (2012) Download PDF

Ruari James O’Sullivan, Skimming From the 2%: The Status of Georgia’s Restrictions on Shareholder Access to Corporate Information, 46 GA. L. REV. 835 (2012) Download PDF


Volume 46 • Issue 4 • Summer 2012

Remembrance, Jennifer L. Chapman Download PDF


David E. Shipley, The Chevron Two-Step in Georgia’s Administrative Law, 46 GA. L. REV. 871 (2012) Download PDF

Michelle A. Travis, Impairment as Protected Status: A New Universality for Disability Rights, 46 GA. L. REV. 937 (2012) Download PDF

Michael L. Wells, Civil Recourse, Damages-as-Redress, and Constitutional Torts, 46 GA. L. REV. 1003 (2012) Download PDF


William D. Araiza, Playing Well with Others – But Still Winning: Chief Justice Roberts, Precedent, and the Possibilities of a Multi-Member Court, 46 GA. L. REV. 1059 (2012) Download PDF


Mary Beth Martinez, Location, Location, Location: A “Private” Place and Other Ailments of Georgia Surveillance Law Curable Through Alignment with the Federal System, 46 GA. L. REV. 1089 (2012) Download PDF

Alan Frank Pryor, Balancing the Scales: Reforming Georgia’s Common Law in Evaluating Restrictive Covenants Ancillary to Employment Contracts, 46 GA. L. REV. 1117 (2012) Download PDF

Rory Allen Weeks, The First Amendment, Public School Students, and the Need for Clear Limits on School Officials’ Authority Over Off-Campus Student Speech, 46 GA. L. REV. 1157 (2012) Download PDF