Volume 47, Issue 1

Volume 47 • Issue 1 • Fall 2012


Discrimination Under a Description
Patrick S. Shin
47 GA. L. REV. 1 (2012) | Download PDF

Not So Obvious After All: Patent Law’s Nonobviousness Requirement, KSR, and the Fear of Hindsight Bias
Glynn S. Lunney, Jr. & Christian T. Johnson
47 GA. L. REV. 41 (2012) | Download PDF

On the Need for Public Boarding Schools
Bret D. Asbury & Kevin Woodson
47 GA. L. REV. 113 (2012) | Download PDF


Aggregation of Probabilities and Illogic
Kevin M. Clermont
47 GA. L. REV. 165 (2012) | Download PDF

108th Sibley Lecture

The Role of the World Court Today
Joan E. Donoghue
47 GA. L. REV. 181 (2012) | Download PDF


Supranational Diversity: Why Federal Courts Should Have Diversity Jurisdiction Over Cases Involving Supranational Organizations Like the European Union
John Thomas Dixon
47 GA. L. REV. 203 (2012) | Download PDF

The Prisoners’ Property Dilemma: The Proper Approach to Determine Prisoners’ Protected Property Interests after Sandin and Castle Rock
Corbin Robert Kennelly | Download PDF
47 GA. L. REV. 241 (2012)

Runaway Usance: Limiting the Exercise of the Fugitive Disentitlement Doctrine in the Context of Wengin Sun v. Mukasey andBright v. Holder
Lawrence Serkin Winsor
47 GA. L. REV. 273 (2012) | Download PDF

* The John A. Sibley Lecture Series was established in 1964 by the trustees of the Loridans Foundation.  The Series honors the leadership and public spirit exhibited by John A. Sibley, a 1911 graduate of the University of Georgia School of Law.