Volume 47, Issue 2

Volume 47 • Issue 2 • Winter 2013


Collapsing Suspect Class with Suspect Classification: Why Strict Scrutiny is Too Strict and Maybe Not Strict Enough
Sonu Bedi
47 GA. L. REV. 301 (2013) | Download PDF

Textualism and Obstacle Preemption
John David Ohlendorf
47 GA. L. REV. 369 (2013) | Download PDF

Genetic Privacy & the Fourth Amendment: Unregulated Surreptitious DNA Harvesting
Albert E. Scherr
47 GA. L. REV. 445 (2013) | Download PDF

Martinizing Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act
Nicole Buonocore Porter
47 GA. L. REV. 527 (2013) | Download PDF


A Feather on One Side, A Brick on the Other: Tilting the Scale Against Males Accused of Sexual Assault in Campus Disciplinary Proceedings
Barclay Sutton Hendrix
47 GA. L. REV. 591 (2013) | Download PDF

War of the Words: Why False Statements Should be Guaranteed First Amendment Protection
Virginia Rose Priddy
47 GA. L. REV. 623 (2013) | Download PDF