Volume 47, Issue 3

Volume 47 • Issue 3 • Spring 2013 

Symposium on Evidence Reform


Ray Persons
47 GA. L. REV. 657 (2013) | Download PDF

The Modern Trial and Evidence Law: Has the “Rambling Altercation” Become a Pedantic Joust?
Daniel D. Blinka
47 GA. L. REV. 665 (2013) | Download PDF

The Withering Away of Evidence Law: Notes on Theory and Practice
Robert P. Burns
47 GA. L. REV. 691 (2013) | Download PDF

Judicial Gatekeeping of Suspect Evidence: Due Process and Evidentiary Rules in the Age of Innocence
Keith A. Findley
47 GA. L. REV. 723 (2013) | Download PDF

The Degrading Character Rule in American Criminal Trials
Paul S. Milich
47 GA. L. REV. 775 (2013) | Download PDF

Searching for Truth in the American Law of Evidence and Proof
D. Michael Risinger
47 GA. L. REV. 801 (2013) | Download PDF

The Curious Case of Differing Literary Emphases: The Contrast Between the Use of Scientific Publications at Pretrial Daubert Hearings and at Trial
Ronald L. Carlson
47 GA. L. REV. 837 (2013) | Download PDF

The Epistemological Trend in the Evolution of the Law of Expert Testimony: A Scrutiny at Once Broader, Narrower, and Deeper
Edward J. Imwinkelried
47 GA. L. REV. 863 (2013) | Download PDF

A Tale of Two Dauberts
Julie A. Seaman
47 GA. L. REV. 889 (2013) | Download PDF


Much Ado About Nothing: How the Securities SRO State Actor Circuit Split Has Been Misinterpreted and What It Means for Due Process at FINRA
Jerrod M. Lukacs
47 GA. L. REV. 923 (2013) | Download PDF

Constructive Upheaval: Railway Labor Executives’ Ass’n v. Gibbons and the “Choice of Clause” Challenge to Traditions of Statutory Construction
Jordan Christopher Seal
47 GA. L. REV. 961 (2013) | Download PDF

Stemming the Federal Tort Fountain: Why Federal Courts Should Maintain Implied Certification Limitations on Qui Tam Suits Against Nonclaimant Defendants
Dennis Oscar Vann, Jr.
47 GA. L. REV. 999 (2013) | Download PDF