Volume 48, Issue 3

Volume 48 • Issue 3 • Spring  2014

Symposium:  The Press and the Constitution 50 Years After New York Times v. Sullivan

Keynote Address:

Originalism and History
Justice John Paul Stevens
48 GA. L. REV. 691 (2014) | Download PDF

Panel 1 – The Supreme Court and the Press Clause: A Complicated Relationship

The Dangers of Press Clause Dicta
RonNell Andersen Jones
48 GA. L. REV. 705 (2014) | Download PDF

The Stealth Press Clause
Sonja R. West
48 GA. L. REV. 729 (2014) | Download PDF

Citizen-Critics, Citizen Journalists, and the Perils of Defining the Press
William E. Lee
48 GA. L. REV. 757 (2014) | Download PDF

Panel 2 – Perspectives of  Sullivan: The Justices, the Parties, and the Public

Scandal! Early Supreme Court News Coverage and the Justice-Journalist Divide
Amy Gajda
48 GA. L. REV. 781 (2014) | Download PDF

Institutional Actors in New York Times Co. v. Sullivan
Paul Horwitz
48 GA. L. REV. 809 (2014) | Download PDF

Fast Forward Fifty Years: Protecting Uninhibited, Robust, and Wide-Open Debate After New York Times Co. v. Sullivan
Amy Kristin Sanders
48 GA. L. REV. 843 (2014) | Download PDF

In New York Times Co. v. Sullivan, the Supreme Court Got It Right Then – and Now
David G. Savage
48 GA. L. REV. 865 (2014) | Download PDF

Panel 3 – The Future of the Press Clause: New Media in a New World

Liability for Massive Online Leaks of National Defense Information
Rodney A. Smolla
48 GA. L. REV. 873 (2014) | Download PDF

Journalism Standards and “The Dark Arts”: the U.K.’s Leveson Inquiry and the U.S. Media in the Age of Surveillance
Lili Levi
48 GA. L. REV. 907 (2014) | Download PDF