Volume 48, Issue 4

Volume 48 • Issue 4 • Summer 2014


A Common Law Constitutionalism for the Right to Education
Scott R. Bauries
48 GA. L. REV. 949 (2014) | Download PDF

Liberty Without Capacity: Why States Should Ban Adolescent Driving
Vivian E. Hamilton
48 GA. L. REV. 1019 (2014) | Download PDF

Preemption Without Borders: The Modern Conflation of Tort and Contract Liabilities
Max N. Helveston
48 GA. L. REV. 1085 (2014) | Download PDF


How the Meaning of Incorporation Over Time Lends Support for Corporate Free Exercise Rights
Emily C. Cook
48 GA. L. REV. 1149 (2014) | Download PDF

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: The Constitutionality of Georgia’s Burden of Proof in Executing the Mentally Retarded
Veronica O’Grady
48 GA. L. REV. 1189 (2014) | Download PDF

If You Can’t Trust Your Lawyer, Who Can You Trust?: Why Conflicts of Interest and Client Loyalty Require an Exception to the Intra-Firm Attorney-Client Privilege for Current Clients
Lindsey Sciavicco
48 GA. L. REV. 1225 (2014) | Download PDF