Volume 48

Volume 48 • Issue 1 • Fall 2013


Joshua P. Davis & Robert H. Lande, Defying Conventional Wisdom: The Case for Private Antitrust Enforcement, 48 GA. L. REV. 1 (2013) Download PDF

Sara Gosman, Reflecting Risk: Chemical Disclosure and Hydraulic Fracturing, 48 GA. L. REV. 83 (2013) Download PDF

Carla Spivack, Killers Shouldn’t Inherit from Their Victims – Or Should They?, 48 GA. L. REV. 145 (2013) Download PDF


Sarah Dolisca Bellacicco, Safe Haven No Longer: The Role of Georgia Courts and Private Probation Companies in Sustaining a De Facto Debtors’ Prison System, 48 GA. L. REV. 227 (2013) Download PDF

Adam Jeffrey Fitzsimmons, Protect Yourself: Why the Eleventh Circuit’s Approach to Sanctions for Protective Order Violations Fails Litigants, 48 GA. L. REV. 269 (2013) Download PDF

Sumner Riddick Pugh, IV, The Great Bankrupt Divide: Amending The Rights of Trademark Licensees Under the Code, 48 GA. L. REV. 297 (2013) Download PDF


Volume 48 • Issue 2 • Winter  2014


Richard J. Lazarus, Flexing Agency Muscle?, 48 GA. L. REV. 327 (2014) Download PDF

Brigham Daniels, Agency as Principal, 48 GA. L. REV. 335 (2014) Download PDF

Amanda C. Leiter, Soft Whistleblowing, 48 GA. L. REV. 425 (2014) Download PDF

Arden Rowell & Lesley Wexler, Valuing Foreign Lives, 48 GA. L. REV. 499 (2014) Download PDF


Lee A. Deneen, Defeating a Wolf Clad as a Wolf: Formalism and Functionalism in Separation-of-Powers Suits Against the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, 48 GA. L. REV. 579 (2014) Download PDF

Evelyn A. French, When Silence Ought to be Golden: Why the Supreme Court Should Uphold the Selective Silence Doctrine in the Wake of Salinas v. Texas, 48 GA. L. REV. 623 (2014) Download PDF

Blake George Tanase, Give Ghosts a Chance: Why Federal Courts Should Cease Sanctioning Every Legal Ghostwriter, 48 GA. L. REV. 661 (2014) Download PDF


Volume 48 • Issue 3 • Spring  2014

Symposium:  The Press and the Constitution 50 Years After New York Times v. Sullivan

Keynote Address:

Justice John Paul Stevens, Originalism and History, 48 GA. L. REV. 691 (2014) Download PDF

Panel 1 – The Supreme Court and the Press Clause: A Complicated Relationship

RonNell Andersen Jones, The Dangers of Press Clause Dicta, 48 GA. L. REV. 705 (2014) Download PDF

Sonja R. West, The Stealth Press Clause, 48 GA. L. REV. 729 (2014) Download PDF

William E. Lee, Citizen-Critics, Citizen Journalists, and the Perils of Defining the Press, 48 GA. L. REV. 757 (2014) Download PDF

Panel 2 – Perspectives of  Sullivan: The Justices, the Parties, and the Public

Amy Gajda, Scandal! Early Supreme Court News Coverage and the Justice-Journalist Divide, 48 GA. L. REV. 781 (2014) Download PDF

Paul Horwitz, Institutional Actors in New York Times Co. v. Sullivan, 48 GA. L. REV. 809 (2014) Download PDF

Amy Kristin Sanders, Fast Forward Fifty Years: Protecting Uninhibited, Robust, and Wide-Open Debate After New York Times Co. v. Sullivan, 48 GA. L. REV. 843 (2014) Download PDF

David G. Savage, In New York Times Co. v. Sullivan, the Supreme Court Got It Right Then – and Now, 48 GA. L. REV. 865 (2014) Download PDF

Panel 3 – The Future of the Press Clause: New Media in a New World

Rodney A. Smolla, Liability for Massive Online Leaks of National Defense Information, 48 GA. L. REV. 873 (2014) Download PDF

Lili Levi, Journalism Standards and “The Dark Arts”: the U.K.’s Leveson Inquiry and the U.S. Media in the Age of Surveillance, 48 GA. L. REV. 907 (2014) Download PDF

Volume 48 • Issue 4 • Summer 2014


Scott R. Bauries, A Common Law Constitutionalism for the Right to Education, 48 GA. L. REV. 949 (2014) Download PDF

Vivian E. Hamilton, Liberty Without Capacity: Why States Should Ban Adolescent Driving, 48 GA. L. REV. 1019 (2014) Download PDF

Max N. Helveston, Preemption Without Borders: The Modern Conflation of Tort and Contract Liabilities, 48 GA. L. REV. 1085 (2014) Download PDF


Emily C. Cook, How the Meaning of Incorporation Over Time Lends Support for Corporate Free Exercise Rights, 48 GA. L. REV. 1149 (2014) Download PDF

Veronica O’Grady, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: The Constitutionality of Georgia’s Burden of Proof in Executing the Mentally Retarded, 48 GA. L. REV. 1189 (2014) Download PDF

Lindsey Sciavicco, If You Can’t Trust Your Lawyer, Who Can You Trust?: Why Conflicts of Interest and Client Loyalty Require an Exception to the Intra-Firm Attorney-Client Privilege for Current Clients, 48 GA. L. REV. 1225 (2014) Download PDF